Shin, an SEO expert, decided to engage us to manage his company’s domain name and web hosting.

Shin, an SEO expert, decided to engage us to manage his company’s domain name and web hosting. His main concern was that the new web hosting should be easy to use, reliable and affordable, as they are a web hosting reseller. At the same time, his company was in need of a reliable email system, and he also has a number of domain names registered with several registrars and they’re not managed under one roof.

Our team explained the risks of continuing with such a setup and convinced him that we are technically competent to take over all these services and provide a one-stop solution that’s more cost efective. Fortunately for us, Shin is a dream to work with. He is always willing to listen and ask questions.

During the migration of his many domain names, Shin shared with us how his previous web hosting providers had managed to disapppoint him. The technical support he requested for, for example, was often not professionally handled. To save him trouble and frustration, we suggested that we dealt with his existing hosting provider directly, so that he doesn’t have to be the person caught in between.

We like representing our customers and helping to solve their problems. This is someting we do regularly, actually. By doing so, customers are less stressed during the migration, and to us, customer satrisfaction is priceless!

Parallels Plesk Panel - Complicated, even for a tech people

During the migration, we also discovered that Shin’s previous web hosting company had been using Parallels Plesk Panel. Not only is the name a tongue twister, but when we took a closer look, we were incredibly surprised because the system’s far too complicated, even for tech people like us! It’s not an intuitive system and it’s loaded with features that are hardly used. It’s not that different from a Cpanel actually. In comparison, take a look at our hosting control panel, which is much, much easier to use and understand! Less is more!

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