Recently, we were approached by a famous F&B company in Kota Kinabalu, which has decided to outsource their email..

Recently, we were approached by a famous F&B company in Kota Kinabalu, which has decided to outsource their email hosting to us. The client had been experiencing problems with setting up Push email on her Blackberry, but when she turned to her email service provider, TM Net’s Netmyne, their technical support team are unable to help, so she gave up on them completely.

Email migration for a F&B company in Kota Kinabalu

While searching Google for a solution to her problem, she came across the Push Mail review that Pin had posted. She posted a question and Pin quickly replied, and soon, they became friends!

She briefed Pin about her email woes with TM Net’s Netmyne. Her firm needs a new e mail service provider that caters to around 50 to 60 user accounts with increased storage capacity, since TM Net only offers a limited storage capacity. Her main concern, however, was whether an email migration may cause any interruptions to their daily business, and they also need to maintain their original email address.

Pin explained the migration process to her in detail, but in layman terms. Within a few email exchanges, Pin managed to convince the client that they can trust to manage their email completely. Plus, the total email migration and set up will cost less than RM100 a month for about 45 users! We felt really priveleged, however, that the client placed a great amount of trust in us, although we can’t meet face to face. After all, she’s in Sabah and we’re in Petaling Jaya!

Our migration team did call the client before making the migration so that we could walk her through the instruction sheet, to ensure that the client knows how to change to new settings after the migration. In less than 3 days, our team laid out the plans and got all the groundwork ready, with full support from the client, of course. The migration was done over the weekend, and by Sunday evening, the migration was completed and we ran checks to ensure that everything worked. The next morning, the client was able to use the new email system without any problems. Yet another successful email migration!

After the migration was completed, our team called the client up again to make sure everything was in order.

In response to the email migration, the client wrote, “Thank you for your concern. I am really grateful for all your good efforts as everything is running very smooth. It is such a relief for there is no interuption or interference to our business emails. Please convey our appreciation and gratitude to all your colleagues for their hard work and attentiveness.”

Incidentally, this company also has a domain name. To further enhance their online indentity, we suggested and helped them to secure a .my domain name as well. We explained to them that .my will be a growing future trend, so it’s important to get it now! We found that the domain .com was taken, but we’ve initiated an email discussion with the .com owner to buy over the domain name on behalf of our client as well.