No lengthy-techy post about how our team completed the migration! Instead, we have something more refreshing!

Teliti Computers has decided to outsource their web and email infrastructure to us. Don’t worry, this isn’t a lengthy tech post about how our team did the migration. Instead, we have something more refreshing!

We put a smile on Hasniza's face
We put a smile on Hasniza's face

Hasniza may look like the girl next door, and she has dreams of becoming a tailor, but don’t judge a book by it’s cover because she’s responsible for all the technical aspects of her company, and not to mention over 200 staff! What’s more, she designed Teliti’s website, but she needed help and came to us to get her existing mail server out of their internal server room.

We communicated with her mainly through emails and we started to learn more about each other and the problems she’s been facing. She’s very friendly and is a great person to work with, so we quickly became friends!

She says, “Thank you so much for making it easier for me. I already went through the Control Panel. Simple interface and easy to administer. Can’t wait for Monday! The email migration sheet is excellent. I thought of creating something similar, but you have saved the day! Now I can proudly use Teliti’s mail to communicate with you. Thanks to you and your team!”

By the way, Hasniza’s also pretty curious about Pin’s designation. Find the full story here!