What began as a flawless email migration plan was delayed a week longer for one of our new customer...

What began as a flawless email migration plan was delayed a week longer for one of our new customer, a listed institution that is well known in the financial and banking sector in Malaysia thus proving Murhpy’s Law as valid.

An oversight in the migration plan overlooked the delay in the domain name transfer process. In layman’s term, the transfer of domain name from the old Registrar to the new Registrar put us in a deadlock situation where we were not able to modify the DNS addresses to follow the agreed migration deadlines. Our original plan assumed that we were able to modify the DNS addresses first before performing the Registrar Transfer.

The migration was postponed and took place 5 days later. Though the interruption did not affect the email services, but it definitely knocked a dent on our reputation as one of the leading provider in corporate email solution.

We extend our gratitude as well to the client’s previous email hosting vendor professionalism that agreed to extend their account expiry to allow for the domain name transfer process to complete. With everyone’s cooperation we managed to roll out a new escalation plan immediately as backup.

Luck was on our side as the domain name transfer process came through even as we were preparing to activate our agreed escalation plan before the deadline.

“Glad everything worked and the transfer process was smooth. None of our staff are even aware of the migration.” “We cannot afford any disruption in our email communication as it is a critical service to our daily business operation”” said the client’s IT Person who was responsible for the client’s email hosting service.

The client’s IT Person is definitely one of the most resourceful and responsive guy we have ever worked with. He took extra effort to understand the technical part of the email migration and personally configured all of the client’s PC equipment are configured to use the new email server addresses.

Since our new client is a listed financial institution, strict measures was taken to make sure we comply with their stringent email requirements and that we make available the resources to support their required level in terms of maintenance and troubleshooting of any problems with their new email hosting service.

Even after the migration was complete, our email hosting team continued to monitor the status of their ’email transactions’. We made sure their registration information for their domain name is current, as well as their email client configurations are correct. Additionally, we pointed their domain name to our fixed IP address to reduce the chances of their emails from being marked as [SPAM].

“What else can I say, ‘Muchos Gracias’. I didn’t know it could create a problem.”