It was a short notice and we have only, strictly speaking- a weekend, to get both web and email hosting...

We were given short notice and only, strictly speaking, a weekend to get both web and email hosting done for Premier Wood. Although Premwood products are sold in more than 10 countries, this wasn’t exactly a mega transfer, but our team took the job very seriously nonetheless. In all, there were about 10 mailboxes to be transferred, and the website.

Premwood products are sold to more than 10 countries!
Premwood products are sold to more than 10 countries!

I’ve heard horrible stories from friends who’ve been through such a migration. Some irresponsible hosts would gave them only a login to the hosting control panel, and didn’t care to explain, plan or help set up the new email or website.

We started by retrieving all the important information we need during migration. A migration plan was drafted and sent to our client before the actual migration. Our client just need to sit back and relax. When they have came back to work on Monday, there was no “Monday blues”, as the migration was a complete success. Happy clients = happy us!

While we were working on their project, we noticed that their Contact us form wasn’t working. In fact, it hadn’t been working for a long time. Through it wasn’t in our scope, our migration team fixed that as well. We believe that knowing how to solve problem is more important than pointing fingers.