Many asked us why our website is plain?

Many asked us why our website is plain?

Isn’t that most of web design house has the most flashy and catchy website for their own? Isn’t that it is one way to convince their potential customers what they can deliver?

The same good design doesn’t promise you that you are getting something similiar when you engage them. Bear in mind, they cost you more but hardly it increases the number of your site visitors or the conversion rate of your online business!

Why? One visits a website to get something done- from adding a friend in Facebook, to download a corporate brochure from your consultant’s website. It really doesn’t matter if you are have a background pictures or without…

Knowing how to measure the effectiveness of a website, is important for a website owner. Learn to understand how much to spend and to justify the return.

The answer,

Why not, keeping our website plain means we have more time for our customers and our support! No rush before you decide who to engage, browse through our articles here, here and here, or a quick guide if you are on the move!