How to create a win-win experience between a client and a project manager...

How to create a win-win experience between a client and a project manager, from a large scale web design project to a simple 1-hour web maintenance request?

A project manager understand the requirement of customer and their expectation; A project manager understand the scope of the work, its technical requirement and the best solution that work best for the customer and the development. The result- Satisfied Customer!

Project dispute and not-meeting-the-deadline are not something new to many web design companies. I have invited Wanching, our project manager, to share with us how she solved those problems:

  1. Personal acknowledgment after receiving request, not an auto-reply email.
  2. Go through the request and cross check with the existing content.
  3. Discuss with the development team on the request.
  4. Call or email customer if there is any question.
  5. Make sure the request is fully understand before passing the task to the development team.
  6. Communicate with the development team and give clear instruction with detail.
  7. Instruction with details is important because it will certainly cut down the development time.
  8. Once the request was done, double check the changes and inform the customer.

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