We know, corporate website sounds more like a 'talk-only-the-good-thing' about a company...

What’s the difference between your corporate website and Blogs?

Our corporate website is supposed to tell ‘good thing about us’. Our Blogs are generic, they are telling you how to choose a good web developer instead.

But, your corporate website looks like a Blog too?

Yes, it is built with WordPress, where you can find a place to leave your comment and find Posts sorted by categories in a plainest theme. It’s a Blog indeed, and it’s a website too :)

I tried to search for your company’s background and portfolio, and most importantly- your services. I can’t find it easily though. I clicked on online business, I clicked on website design. I still can’t find the info I want. Is it intentional? What are your rationale?

Put it this way, assuming you are looking for roses for your loved one. Most online florists will tell you what roses they have, prices, promotions- to convert you. Whereby, we’re selling flower too, but we want to share with you more about flower arrangement, what is flower food?, why you should remove those guard pedal?…

But web development is far more than just buying a gift. It’s a business, an online business. It is not something (I wish to), visitor can order online and get it up and running tomorrow. It’s not presenting you a Mockup to get your business. Your website must be remarkable- No, no website should be similar to yours. That is why, we have removed portfolios from our website while others are not :)

How much will you cost? (Ok, unfair question, skip this)

Hint, check out How much is eBay?

What’s next? I can’t find a phone number to call!

Help yourself, Download this Free Guide– Please bear with it. It is yet to be compiled nicely and proofreaded. Going to publish it soon when the author is not too busy with the cycling!

Forget about those boring school-text-book stuff, we have handpicked some interesting posts :)

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