We save three copies of your data in three geographically dispersed data centers...

Triple Redundancy Back-Ups

The three geograghically dispersed data centers

Your business data is your business. So to ensure the integrity of your email, we save three copies of your data in three geographically dispersed data centers. This triple-redundancy system is designed to give you peace of mind that your data will be stored securely.

And if one of your users ever accidentally deletes an email, an entire folder, or even a mailbox, it’s easy to restore that data. The system administrator will just need to log in to the control panel and request a data restoration. Backups are retained for 14 days; so as long as the data was deleted within the past 13 days, a complete restoration can be performed.

Your backup data will be encrypted and safely stored in Amazon.com’s S3 storage system, which has a commitment to 100% system availability that matches our own guarantees. The entire triple-redundancy backup system is designed to ensure that your business data will be safe and secure, and there when you need it.

Spam Filtering Provided by Cloudmark

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It’s estimated that approximately 95% of all email sent is spam. Spam is the most complex problem for email hosting systems and leads to millions of dollars in lost productivity and additional infrastructure costs for businesses. Spammers adapt to technology changes and improve their techniques on a daily basis, learning new methods to elude common spam defenses and acquiring more sophisticated computer networks to bombard mail systems and penetrate inboxes.

We evolve our spam defenses faster than spammers evolve their tactics. If you choose to outsource to Mailtrust, your business email will run on a state-of-the-art email hosting system with numerous levels of anti-spam protection.

Our spam filtering system, powered by Cloudmark, features Advanced Message Fingerprinting and real-time threat intelligence to rapidly detect spam, phishing, and viruses. Instead of analyzing message text, Cloudmark generates electronic fingerprints that precisely identify abuse in all languages and formats. These message fingerprints are stored locally at Mailtrust and updated in sub-minute intervals. This automated approach delivers spam filtering accuracy of 98% or higher together with near zero false positives.

We also empower our customers and end-users with control over their personal safelists and blacklists to further keep their inboxes clean. Safelists allow certain senders (email addresses, domains, or mail server IP addresses) to bypass the anti-spam system. Conversely, blacklists allow customers to block mail from certain senders. Customers can also control what to do with spam once it has been identified.

Virus Protection

Our virus protection scans all inbound and outbound emails using a multi-stage process. The process is broken down into the following four stages:

Stage 1: Restricted Attachments
Here, emails are scanned for dangerous types of file attachments. When an email is sent or received that contains a restricted file attachment, the email is rejected and the sender receives a “bounced�? email notification informing them of the restriction.

Stage 2: Normalization
This stage searches for email formatting vulnerabilities that can be used by viruses to hide from virus scanners. If any vulnerability is found, our system corrects the formatting of the message so that it can be thoroughly scanned for viruses.

Stage 3: Decompression
Next, if the email contains any compressed attachments such as zip files, the compressed attachments are temporarily unzipped so that the contents can be scanned for viruses.

Stage 4: Virus Scan
After the above preprocessing is complete, a virus scanner is used to scan the email and all of its uncompressed attachments. Everything is scanned to ensure maximum protection against new virus threats. ClamAV is the current scanner of choice, although our system was designed to be able to plug-in any virus scanner on the
market, should the need to do so arise.

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