Though we have launched our Contact us form, but most of our customers are still prefer to email us directly...


Although we’ve launched our spanking new “Contact Us” form (the striking yellow box on the top right corner), most of our customers still prefer to email us directly.

Okie, we’re going to explain why you should start using the “Contact Us” form.

We respect your time. Hence, immediately in the new form, we listed down all the frequently asked questions so that you might just find your answers instantly.

Enquiry Form

However, if you did not manage to find your answer from within the FAQs, you can click “No”. This will direct you to an email-looking section where you can send us your enquiry.

Here’s the difference that sets us apart from all other automated forms out there- your enquiry will be read by a real staff and is attended to immediately.

Yes, a human will be attending to you immediately. No need worry about whether your email is received or not. The enquiry will be handled by the respective personnel and any subsequent follow-ups will be communicated via emails.

24 hours 7 days a week, we are prepared to answer you, no delay! This is something we cannot assure you if you continue to send us your enquiry via email. The person you emailed might just be on a 1-week vacation.

So, let us help you, start using our One-Click Contact Us Form!

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