These blogs are focused on the world of online business and contains advice... is pleased to introduce six new blogs that are now available for viewing. These blogs are focused on the world of online business and contains advice, tips, tutorials, experiences, and anything interesting that happens online. From the simple things like selling web domains to the complex issues of setting up an outlook express. Below are the six blogs that contain these and many more items that you may find useful.

The first blog on the list,, details the many experiences of Earnpin Lee, a member of the team. In this blog, he records down various escapades, foreign and domestic, of just about anything he comes across that has to do with the online world. In it he also offers short and simple advice of how to run online matters in a more appropriate and effective manner. In this blog he also gives his comments on websites he has visited.

In the focus is strictly on the many facets of web design trends. It allows for web designers to share their experiences, artworks, and designs techniques to help spur the creativity and passion in people who have the flair for web designing. It is a blog that is always eager to talk about modern web design trends and any comments or suggestions given will be welcomed.

Emails for some can be a simple as a few clicks, while for others it can be a complicating muddle that involves setting up mail servers, routers, domain names, and what not that is entailed. is for people who find themselves in either category. It offers tips and tricks to send, receive, and organize emails that people with email related problems may just find useful.

For anyone interested in online marketing, will be a blog of interest to him or her. The blog offers tips and advice on what to do and what not to do to make one’s online marketing experience a positive one.

If you’re a multimedia guy and are interested in successful recipes in flash, multimedia, and print design, then you may want to pay a visit to You may bump into some recipes that that you and others will never forget.

No one needs to tell you that technical stuffs make for bad entertainment. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the technical guy is the same. At readers will find technical language made easy. Be it a web server setup or a configuration of a virtual server, the Technical Guy is there to help.