Travelers from over 150 countries can now applying their Cambodia Tourist Visa online in more than 25 languages!

As a national project, it is important for the Cambodia e-Visa system to be secure, high-performance, effective and reliable. The system is available at all entry ports to Cambodia with special e-Visa lane to be setup. Each year, about 2 million tourists from Japan, Korea, France and other countries travel to Cambodia. The website must be able to serve these tourists in their native languages. Officers handling the operation have different user-level access that make the system and interface design a challenge. An ongoing marketing campaign is required to promote the system, thus stimulate the growth of the tourism industry.

The Cambodia e-Visa system was built from scratch. Planning is critical in this project. performed a thorough system studies, design and planning. On-site as well as off-site trainings were conducted and end-user feedback was constantly gathered to improve the system. Any operational upgrades or changes on the system were gradually implemented, so that errors are minimized during the transition. An online marketing plan was created to promote the e-Visa services through search engine, email and referral campaigns. Cambodia e-Visa blogs in different languages are also set up to gather feedback and comments on the system.

The new website supports 25 languages and serves travelers from over 150 countries. There is a marked increase in the number of visitors to the website. Overall, there is a 15% average monthly growth in the number of successful applicant. With the recent upgrade to make the application process easier and faster to everyone, we have noticed significant decrease to both operation and customer support. Visitors who have used the system were immensely satisfied.

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