Since 2002, we've been designing systems that improves bottomlines and efficiency.

Since 2002, we’ve been designing systems that improves bottomlines and efficiency.

With, we aim to create an ad-space booking platform to match ad space owners with buyers. This project has also helped to build 2 schools in Cambodia.

The Cambodia e-Visa project began since April 2006, and has now served more than 55,000 travelers. We provided our technical expertise and experience in online marketing. Some travelers said that it’s the best in the world ;-) is a global online guidebook store, where you can purchase the most updated guidebooks online and print them in handy A4/Letter sized formats.

We’ve been actively hiring interns from local Colleges and Universities. Since 2002, we’ve hired more than 20 interns, where some of them stayed around till today.

Web Developer Alliance (WDA) is an initiative to bring together the best talents in Malaysia’s web development industry. WDA facilitates the exchange of expertise and also helps each of the members when it comes to pricing and also to keep track of blaclisted clients. At the moment, we are about 50-member strong.

Over the years, we’ve built web presence for more than 500 companies. Online shopping, Content Management System, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Customer Relationship Management system, you name it.

We consider email as an integral communication medium when running our business. Hence, we advocate the importance of reliable email hosting to our clients where email is an important tool in the running of their business.

We love listening to feedbacks, especially negative ones. Hence, we love blogging. A blog also allow us to share with you our opinions on various issue concerning web development and how it affects you.