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Project Manager, The Key to Web Design
February 22nd, 2009 | Posted by Pin

How to create a win-win experience between a client and a project manager, from a large scale web design project to a simple 1-hour web maintenance request?

A project manager understand the requirement of customer and their expectation; A project manager understand the scope of the work, its technical requirement and the best solution that work best for the customer and the development. The result- Satisfied Customer!

Project dispute and not-meeting-the-deadline are not something new to many web design companies. I have invited Wanching, our project manager, to share with us how she solved those problems:

  1. Personal acknowledgment after receiving request, not an auto-reply email.
  2. Go through the request and cross check with the existing content.
  3. Discuss with the development team on the request.
  4. Call or email customer if there is any question.
  5. Make sure the request is fully understand before passing the task to the development team.
  6. Communicate with the development team and give clear instruction with detail.
  7. Instruction with details is important because it will certainly cut down the development time.
  8. Once the request was done, double check the changes and inform the customer.

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How to Start an Online Business?
October 13th, 2008 | Posted by Pin

Download this guide

(Do you like the book? Drop me a comment in Scribd)

An online business is so often looked upon as something setup-once and auto-pilot. We are approached by so many customers who walked in and tell us to create another e-Bay for them.

In most cases, we ended up talking to them to drop the ideas. They’re just not ready. You will be surprised that many of them do not even buy anything online before.

A web developer can only deliver a website, not an online business. A smart web consultant will start their own business than doing it for you.

No one than you know your business better. To help yourself, spare a little time for this free 36-pages guide before you start.

If you find this guide helpful, please leave a comment and help us improve.

Criteria for Selecting Good Web Developer
May 29th, 2008 | Posted by Pin

understand what is the goal of your website

never promise you a top-most ranking in Google

Will not come out with mock up during pitching

tells you what is conversion and visitors

has their own website with high PageRank

do not charge by number of pages

read Seth Godin’s book

use WordPress

How Much Does It Cost to Revamp a Website?
May 28th, 2008 | Posted by Pin

Disassemble iPhone

Customers are good at judging the value of a product they are buying if it is a tangible item. It is going to cost you around RM2,000 for a brand new iPhone. The amount of money paid can easily justified because you know exactly how handy can be an iPhone while you are on the move, and how it can become the toys of entertainment that you might not want to leave it at home on vacation!

Yet, this is not always true when comes to revamping a website. Customers doesn’t always look into the values of the webiste – the goal of creating a website and how it can benefit your business.

Instead, the cost of revamping, usually relates directly to number of pages, or time spent by your web designers for its design. Since website is intangible items and most of us are just too excited with news of million-dollar acquisition of dot com companies, it is always norm that pricing of a website doesn’t include studies, planning, marketing and operations.

Customer expect money paid, in return for a website, not for its values!

So, how much does it cost to revamp a website? Whatever you feel the iPhone worth to you, so as a website!

Updating Your Website at Lower Cost
April 15th, 2008 | Posted by Pin

Web design companies used to be the one who maintain the website for their customers. Businesses think the same way too!

“Who says the person who design the website do the best maintenance job?”

Project manager & development team
Change requests should be handled by someone not from the development team. This is normally done by a project manager, speaking to customers on cost estimation and briefing the team of what’s to be done.

Turn-around time
A dedicated team should be able to get back to customers’ change request promptly. Usually, cost of web maintenance goes by hourly basis. This includes handling and reviewing time as well. To eliminate communication problems, an online form with capability of accepting change requests with attachments and forwarding to the right person is important!

Cost of maintenance
Most customers prefer on request basis. They will be charged only when there are changes done. An average of RM80/hour ensures quality of work done including better handling and reviewing by the project manager.

Let us manage your web maintenance (although we may not be the one who design your website)

Nautilus Bay Website Launched
March 14th, 2008 | Posted by Pin

“The soft splash of waves against stone heralds the end of an odyssey from the great unknown. It is a timeless epic journey watched by the sky, sun and stars. The triumphant return of the waves coming home to shore is trumpeted by soaring seagulls, the envoys of the sea. Listen to this ancient tale in the songs of the ocean. The sea itself is a vast expanse of rippling blue that disappears into the sky. This is life at Nautilus Bay, a seaside oasis of serenity.”

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Everything on Your Website Worked Smoothly!
February 13th, 2008 | Posted by Pin

“Your instructions were VERY clear and easy to follow. The instruction for uploading our photographs for the visas was the best I’ve ever seen. Everything on your website worked smoothly. We were very impressed with the high level of technology used in your website. Also, the English text was very understandable.” said Barbara and Glenn Halliday

Read full interview

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Ad Space Platform to Build 2 Cambodian Schools
January 22nd, 2008 | Posted by Pin


Rural School Project in Cambodia was brought to a whole new height with the acquisition of the domain name Kumomo.com!

On 19th November 2006, the domain Kumomo.com was registered. The Kumomo Project has been developed by the team at 1.com.my to match ad space owners and buyers. At the same time, a portion of the money is donated to a charitable cause. The first charity organization the Kumomo Team engaged was American Assistance for Cambodia (AAC).

In the recent months, an anonymous corporation has expressed keen interest in the domain name Kumomo.com. After a few rounds of discussions, they have decided to take full ownership of the domain name Kumomo.com and would make the necessary compensation to the project.

Most importantly, with the acquisition of the domain name, they have also generously agreed to donate USD26,000 to build 2 schools in Cambodia. This is in addition to the sum that has been collected from all members’ contribution to the Kumomo Tree Project all these while.

“Thank you very much for your very generous arrangement and gesture to turn this sum over to us to build two schools. We are very grateful and so will be hundreds of Cambodia children who will benefit by gaining an education they would otherwise would not be able to pursue,” said Bernard Krisher, Chairman of AAC.

What’s next?

Upon this stage of ownership transfer, the ex-Kumomo team will change to a new name and the effort to develop this ad booking platform will continue. A date of transfer is not confirmed, rather more, it is assured that there are various plans to add a lot of new features in the next release to help monetize the spaces on Kumomo.com.

It is with great awareness that this sudden change would cause various inconveniences to members. Yet the apologizes will hopefully be compensated with the additional funds which will be used in helping to accelerate the process of putting more Cambodian children in schools. The construction of both The Kumomo Tree One and Two School in Kompong Cham province is expected to begin in mid February and should be completed in July 2008.

In the meantime, Kumomo members will be:
1) kept updated on the construction progress of the 2 schools
2) notified once our new platform is released

And with that, on behalf of the Cambodian children and the ex-Kumomo team, wishes to express their highest gratitude to all that’s been part of the success and happenings.

Apply Cambodia Visa Online

We Deliver Business Solution, Not Website
January 21st, 2008 | Posted by Pin

Web Design Budget

You choose a web design firm out there, tell them about your requirement and get your website launched weeks later. Yes, your budget gets you a website, but not the results.

All businesses create a website for reasons. From generating more enquiries to online sales. Yet, this strategy, most of the time, if not all the time, failed to deliver the conversion you are hoping for. Why

20/80 rules

Our general rule of thumb is to spend only 20% of your budget on development while you should allocate 80% on marketing activities. After many years of providing online solution to our clients, we are confident to say that your marketing effort is the ONLY way your visitors will find out about your online presence, and NOT a pretty-flashy-graphically-packed website.

Less is more…

Our approach is very simple. First, we begin with a thorough study on the nature of your business to identify your critical conversion factors and how it is measured. Next, we prepare ONLY the necessary groundwork that focuses on increasing your conversion ratios. This reduces unnecessary resources spent on “nice-to-have” features, which increases speed to market.

Future planning made easier

Managed results for online store and website

You can make improvisations only if you know where are you standing now such as your visitors and its conversion. The more you understand about your current situation, the easier and more accurate your next strategy will be.

Building on a wealth of experience

We have helped many different businesses migrate online throughout the years. Although the nature of each business is radically different, we are able to apply what we’ve learned from various industries and apply the strategies to help you in driving up your conversion ratios.

What makes an online business?

IJM Properties
January 19th, 2008 | Posted by Pin

A more consistent and standardized website structure had to be in place for better clarity and consistency for IJM Properties. In addition, a good database support and a better search function were also required. As with other projects, a reliable hosting infrastructure is of utmost important. We needed to provide an effective and centralized way of handling enquiries, and automated management of newsletter subscribers for easy broadcasting. Besides having up-to-date information, the site must also be optimized for major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

We conducted a system study, held discussions and agreed on a fixed site structure. Following that, individual projects were identified, and a database was set up. We came up with a blueprint and designed a main website, as well as, all its individual project websites including Ampersánd, Lake Plaza and PJ8. In order to fulfill the ISO standard, we also prepared a helpdesk to capture enquiries. To facilitate email broadcasting, contact information is saved in a broadcast centre for convenience. Enquiries are backed up daily and a file management system is set up for newsletter download. Finally, a web server was set up and search engine optimization (SEO) was performed.

One of the immediate results observed was an increase in search engine ranking. There was also an improvement in customer support, where the response time has been reduced and enquiry submissions were diverted to the relevant departments. This, in turn, helped to reduce operational costs. To increase efficiency, we’ve streamlined their web hosting needs with a single server, and sorted out the site contents accordingly. In a nutshell, the entire corporate presentation has significantly improved, with its website serving as one of its main marketing tool.

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Cambodia e-Visa
January 18th, 2008 | Posted by Pin

As a national project, it is important for the Cambodia e-Visa system to be secure, high-performance, effective and reliable. The system is available at all entry ports to Cambodia with special e-Visa lane to be setup. Each year, about 2 million tourists from Japan, Korea, France and other countries travel to Cambodia. The website must be able to serve these tourists in their native languages. Officers handling the operation have different user-level access that make the system and interface design a challenge. An ongoing marketing campaign is required to promote the system, thus stimulate the growth of the tourism industry.

The Cambodia e-Visa system was built from scratch. Planning is critical in this project. 1.com.my performed a thorough system studies, design and planning. On-site as well as off-site trainings were conducted and end-user feedback was constantly gathered to improve the system. Any operational upgrades or changes on the system were gradually implemented, so that errors are minimized during the transition. An online marketing plan was created to promote the e-Visa services through search engine, email and referral campaigns. Cambodia e-Visa blogs in different languages are also set up to gather feedback and comments on the system.

The new website supports 25 languages and serves travelers from over 150 countries. There is a marked increase in the number of visitors to the website. Overall, there is a 15% average monthly growth in the number of successful applicant. With the recent upgrade to make the application process easier and faster to everyone, we have noticed significant decrease to both operation and customer support. Visitors who have used the system were immensely satisfied.

Travelers’ feedback
Interview with Barbara
Interview with Mike Morley
Apply Cambodia Visa Online

Build and Operate
January 17th, 2008 | Posted by Pin

A website shouldn’t be just for plain-vanilla web presence. Based on our industry experience, we firmly believe in the imperativeness of adaptive websites that react to the changing dynamics of the marketplace. Website information needs to be constantly updated. User interfaces should focus more on interactivity with your customers and prospects

At 1.com.my, we believe in the creation of symbiotic relationship between our client and our firm to create a successful online business ventures. We are committed to assist our clients to create and sustain competitive advantage. With our pro-active involvement in the operational and marketing aspects, our clients can leverage on our knowledgebase and industry expertise to spur profitable growth. With our proven Build and Operate methodology, we offer one-stop convenience with our comprehensive, best-in-class online business support IT tools and services to assist our clients to enhance corporate competitiveness, gain operational efficiency, strengthen customer loyalty and ultimately, maximize shareholder value.

Good Design is More Subtle
November 18th, 2007 | Posted by Pin


Mike Morley is a Web Developer working for a software company in London, married to Rachel and lucky enough to be Welsh (and to be married to Rachel!). He spend whatever holiday time he has, on holiday.

Tell us about yourself? What do you do fulltime? What kind of projects you have been doing? When?

I am a Web Developer, I previously worked for a Design Agency called Red Snapper on both front and backend code. I now work for Ipreo as Frontend Web Software Developer, looking after HTML/CSS/JavaScript for a Java application used by investment banks in the City of London. Recent projects include a drag and drop report module and the re-factoring of application front end code in line with web standards and improving cross browser compatibility.

Is this your first time visiting Cambodia? Share with us what is most inspiring during your trip?

I am yet to go, but looking forward to going very much.

You are often accused of being over critical of websites. What makes a good website?

The first, and if nothing else, the only thing a website should do is allow you to achieve your aims when arriving on a website. I believe e-Visa goes beyond with good design. Normal users should be able to move through the process without having to think too much in order to acccomplish their task. From my profession I often think about design and process, but this is often when things go wrong and a user is left confused on what to do. Good design is more subtle, often you do not realise something is well made purely because the amount of effort reqired to complete a task is minimal and you can move through a process as if on auto-pilot. I believe that it is the ease of use achieved on e-Visa that makes it a good example of design. Information and the interfaces are provided through a clear and uncluttered visual design allowing no unneccesary distractions for the users. Information is laid out in a logical easy to navigate manner with the appropriate visual hierarchies, iconography and white-space so important information is easily found and supporting information is visible by not intrusive. Along with the strong visual cues guiding you through the process the feedback on user actions was excellent, you knew exactly when you had completed a section and where I needed to go next. Finally there was attention to detail, options to duplicate flight data for all passengers in a single click, simplified image upload and verification and well thought through visual guidance made for a positive user experience. I get the impression that your client has been flexible in allowing process change in their visa applications and you have managed to implement this process efficiently online.

In what ways has the e-Visa website been appealing to you?

It has successfully achieved exactly what I wanted with much less effort, which the internet often has the power to do. That is to simplify a particular task by allowing easy access to information, an interface to information provision and a method of delivery. All of which took a few minutes rather than several hours that other paper based processes may take.

The eVisa website is catering to travelers from more than 150 countries. We believe we are not doing enough on the localization. Do you have suggestions?

The only thing I can say is that I found the application process excellent and I never noticed that website was used across multiple languages on first look – so either you do not have a problem with localisation or your simplification of processes have been so successful the need for localisation is reduced. I believe simplicity is the greatest success of the e-Visa site, just keep it simple and doing the job it is meant for.

Listen to the ranting of a Welsh Web Developer?
Apply Cambodia Visa Online

Stone Soup of an Online Business
November 15th, 2007 | Posted by Pin

“Stones make good soup, but carrots would make it so much better”

If you are thinking of setting up an online business, or extending your existing business online, you might probably want to check this out!

How to cook a stone soup?

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