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Running with Light
January 18th, 2010 | Posted by Pin

Speaking of Gen-Y, let us share some stories from the people working behind the scenes at 1.my. Customer satisfaction may be an organisation’s primary focus, but at 1.my, we don’t just focus on this; we also ensure that our clients are clear on what we’re doing behind the computer, and put our best efforts in sharing our know-how. We also look forward to learning things from our clients. In other words, we treat each client like a friend. Pin, the founder of this company, is known for attending to his clients/friends attentively and promptly.

Adrian and David - The Project Managers

Adrian and David - The Project Managers

Adrian and David, the Project Managers who form the core that drives 1.my’s website maintenance, not only do so at lighting speed, but are so dedicated they’re in cyberspace 24 hours a day.

Adrian works from almost everywhere

As an example of our fast response time, allow us to take one of our most prominent clients, Yinson Holding Berhad as an example. FYI, Yinson provides a comprehensive range of transportation and logistical services, as well as general warehousing facilities. Being a listed company, it is essential for them to update their company announcement system, and a few months back, we installed a Content Management System (CMS) for them to enable announcements by their employees. After making more than 10 announcements, they realised that there wasn’t a link to previous announcements. When they came to us with this issue, we solved the problem within an hour, and now it works perfectly, displaying all the relevant Bursa announcements.

In another success story, one of newest clients, Mr Shamaan, Managing Director of OGP Nova Sdn. Bhd., subscribed to our 99.9% uptime web hosting service. After we set up his corporate website, we quickly created three temporary pages with content from one of his power point presentations. After some time, Mr Shamaan wondered why he was unable to search for his website on search engines, although it was perfectly set up. We explained to him that newly created websites will be not be automatically indexed by search engines. To help in this issue, the web developer would have to set up meta tags for description and keywords, and submit the website URL to search engines. We did all this for him in an hour, and the team’s effort was rewarded with a thumb’s up from Mr Shamaan.

Other than our quick response time, we’re quite proud of the fact that we’re not like other web developers who are content with being passive. We’re proactive. Take our meeting with Maslow Trainers & Consultants, who are based in Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam.
They wanted us to meet up with their senior staff to discuss the development of a Human Resources (HR) Touch System.

Although we didn’t charge them for consultation, we shared a great deal with them at the meeting, including our goals, how the system will be set up, and we even discussed the benefits of online marketing. We believe that defining clear goals before trying out something new is vital to securing future ventures, while maintaining a hold on current businesses. Of course, in return, we learned a great deal from them too on how to manage human resources efficiently and effectively.

Another of our strengths is post-sales support, or after-sales support. For this, allow us to use our client, e-Suria from Petaling Jaya as an example. After we successfully set up the company’s blog using WordPress, we customised the theme to suit their corporate identity, and we also provided them with a tutorial on how to manage their blog with WordPress CMS.

At 1.my, we’re always there for our clients, so if you’re looking for tech support you can depend on, you know who to call.

Working with Web Designer Jamie Soon
September 13th, 2009 | Posted by Pin

Jamie’s approach to web design is definitely off of the beaten path. Not only does she use her own name as her website address (jamiesoon.com), but she always replies to your emails in a short but sweet fashion that makes you feel like you’re working with a friend, rather than a company. She’s definitely someone you can trust, and gives you peace of mind.

Jamie has been designing websites since 2001

Jamie has been designing websites since 2001

On her website, you’ll find her impressive portfolio and also interesting travel photos of the places she has explored. You can tell by looking at these that she’s a very passionate person and it definitely makes you feel like you want to work with her. She has also posted some interesting articles such as: ‘Getting the right colours for your design‘, ‘Why making changes is a good thing‘, and ‘Getting a website without spending money‘ – I think people may not understand the joke.

Camping in Gunung Nuang

Camping in Gunung Nuang

We’re proud to say that she’s now one of our hosting referrals. We’ve worked with her on many successful migrations, transferring her customers to our new hosting servers. Here’s what she has to say about our services:

“I am glad that I finally found an affordable hosting plan at 1.com.my. The hosting package is perfect for installing a blog and the price makes it more affordable for my clients who are starting small businesses or want to start a personal or non-profit site. It’s cheaper than other hosting plans because the email hosting is a separate package, but it’s no problem because my clients can use their Yahoo or Gmail email accounts. Not only is the price great, I’m impressed with the friendly service, fast response to my enquiries and the effort put in to get the new hosting is up as fast as possible. I highly recommend Pin and his team at 1.com.my!”

Thanks Jamie! It’s been a pleasure working with you too! So, if you’re on the lookout for a web designer/developer, do check out jamiesoon.com.

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Web Hosting Reseller
November 25th, 2008 | Posted by Pin

We have recently upgraded all our billing and renewal system to get ready with our newly launched web & email hosting reseller program. If you looking for a more reliable reseller program to outsource your web, email hosting and domain name, check this out.

Become a Resellers
October 23rd, 2008 | Posted by Pin

If there’s only one reason to resell our web and email solution, this is it: Reliability

We know how bad it can be, when your customer gives you a call middle of the night to complaint about their web hosting problem. Nothing much you can do when you are just a reseller? Your customers blame you, and not your hosting partners!

We strongly believe that your customer should require the least technical support from you if any solution is reliable. In the event something happens, we’re always there to solve their problem for you. Afterall, reseller is not a scapegoat. It is us to blame if our solution does not stand to what we have promised to you.

Check out the following uptime reports provided by Hyperspin, an independent 3rd party monitoring service. A list of service providers’ servers are tested regularly every 15 minutes for respective uptime.
1) Email hosting servers (since Dec 2007)
2) Web hosting servers (since Sep 2008)
3) DNS servers (since Sep 2008)

A 1.com.my’s approach to reseller program:
1) Setup and zero-downtime migration
2) To bill your customer directly
3) Provide technical support directly
4) Resellers will be paid monthly
5) Up to 20% of payment collected

In short, 1.com.my will manage your customer and you can sit back and enjoy your monthly revenue. All new services subscribed by your customer will be automatically marked under your reseller account to make sure you are rewarded all the time.

Fill up the Contact us form if you are interested. Our reseller team will get back to you and help you to plan for the migration.

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