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Email Upgrade for Oriental Realty
September 24th, 2010 | Posted by Pin

Migration team provides on-site assistance for agents

Oriental Realty is one of the top real estate agencies in Malaysia, and we’re thrilled that they turned to us to plan their email upgrade. After all, we’re reliable yet cost effective!

As they have over 150 agents on the move, we’ve decided to integrate their email services with Google Apps. Each agent will get about 7GB of email space and they can access their emails anytime, anywhere.

The new email upgrade will also provide them with better mobility support, as it works well for both iPhone and Blackberry users.

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Another successful email migration!
September 2nd, 2010 | Posted by Pin

Recently, we were approached by a famous F&B company in Kota Kinabalu, which has decided to outsource their email hosting to us. The client had been experiencing problems with setting up Push email on her Blackberry, but when she turned to her email service provider, TM Net’s Netmyne, their technical support team are unable to help, so she gave up on them completely.

Email migration for a F&B company in Kota Kinabalu

While searching Google for a solution to her problem, she came across the Push Mail review that Pin had posted. She posted a question and Pin quickly replied, and soon, they became friends!

She briefed Pin about her email woes with TM Net’s Netmyne. Her firm needs a new e mail service provider that caters to around 50 to 60 user accounts with increased storage capacity, since TM Net only offers a limited storage capacity. Her main concern, however, was whether an email migration may cause any interruptions to their daily business, and they also need to maintain their original email address.

Pin explained the migration process to her in detail, but in layman terms. Within a few email exchanges, Pin managed to convince the client that they can trust 1.com.my to manage their email completely. Plus, the total email migration and set up will cost less than RM100 a month for about 45 users! We felt really priveleged, however, that the client placed a great amount of trust in us, although we can’t meet face to face. After all, she’s in Sabah and we’re in Petaling Jaya!

Our migration team did call the client before making the migration so that we could walk her through the instruction sheet, to ensure that the client knows how to change to new settings after the migration. In less than 3 days, our team laid out the plans and got all the groundwork ready, with full support from the client, of course. The migration was done over the weekend, and by Sunday evening, the migration was completed and we ran checks to ensure that everything worked. The next morning, the client was able to use the new email system without any problems. Yet another successful email migration!

After the migration was completed, our team called the client up again to make sure everything was in order.

In response to the email migration, the client wrote, “Thank you for your concern. I am really grateful for all your good efforts as everything is running very smooth. It is such a relief for there is no interuption or interference to our business emails. Please convey our appreciation and gratitude to all your colleagues for their hard work and attentiveness.”

Incidentally, this company also has a .com.my domain name. To further enhance their online indentity, we suggested and helped them to secure a .my domain name as well. We explained to them that .my will be a growing future trend, so it’s important to get it now! We found that the domain .com was taken, but we’ve initiated an email discussion with the .com owner to buy over the domain name on behalf of our client as well.

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The Never-Ending Spirit to Trace Lost Email
July 5th, 2010 | Posted by Pin

One of our customers recently reported that a vital email was lost. The email was sent from a third party sender to a mailbox hosted by us. Thankfully, the customer was able to provide all the necessary details.

We conducted a post study based on the records and suspected that the email was not sent out by a third party sender, and therefore, our customer did not receive it. After further investigation, we notice that this may not be the case. Then, we turned to our server log file. We process hundreds of millions of emails daily, so it’s not easy to retrieve a log file.

We were finally able to trace the email and confirm that had been delivered to our customer. But then, where has the email gone? Other service providers may just stop here and blame the user for losing the email in the first place. Case closed, but not us. We traced the email once again and finally found that the customer had enabled a setting to remove any email detected as Spam.

So, basically, we discovered that the email from the sender arrived in our customer’s Spam box and that it had been removed and therefore not found by the user. Email retrieved. Case solved. A happy ending.

The 'Delete message from folder' setting in the email control panel

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Nationwide Internet Disruption
April 25th, 2010 | Posted by Pin

“Despite these initiatives, customers using Internet services nationwide may experience some degree of service degradation, such as slow browsing while accessing international websites” said Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM).

A repair of fault of submarine cable linking Malaysia and International network is expecting to cause Internet downtime to Malaysia Internet users, until 2nd May.

Our technical team are ready with alternatives to help our email and web hosting customers. Talk to us if you need our help.

Cable laid beneath the sea to carry telecommunications between countries.

Cable laid beneath the sea to carry telecommunications between countries.

About submarine communications cable
The Internet’s undersea world

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Blackberry Email Setup Guide
April 20th, 2010 | Posted by Pin

Most of the Blackberries sold on the market come with the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS). What’s so special about it? Well, Blackberry devices, unlike other phones, are integrated with its Push Mail technology through BIS. New emails, contact numbers and calendars are pushed to your mobile phone automatically, as soon as it arrives into your mailbox. Through BIS, your emails will also be scanned from viruses.

“The BlackBerry Internet Service, or BIS, allows BlackBerry users to access the Internet and POP3/IMAP/Outlook Web Access email accounts without connecting through a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). The service is usually provisioned through your mobile phone service provider, though Research In Motion (RIM) (BlackBerry’s developer) actually runs the service. This service uses RIM’s proprietary push technology (in contrast with SyncML-based push technologies such as Funambol) to the BlackBerry devices over cellular carriers; BIS retrieves email from mail servers via POP3 or IMAP is done via polling.”

Using BIS, you can integrate your phone with no more than 10 POP or IMAP accounts. To begin, please choose your Telco from Blackberry’s main website. For more setup guidelines, check this out.

When you’re asked, “What is your Mail Server?” enter imap.emailsrvr.com, running on port 143. Your outgoing mail server is smtp.emailsrvr.com, running on port 587. The username is your full email address.

For those Blackberry owners without a BIS plan, you can download a third party email client called Tiggitmail. This software is not free.

If you wish to learn more about the BIS plan, check this out:

Maxis Blackberry Internet Service

Maxis Blackberry Internet Service

Celcom Blackberry Biz Plan

Celcom Blackberry Biz Plan

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Blackberry without BIS BES is nothing!

Switching Email Services
April 11th, 2010 | Posted by Pin

Choosing a more reliable email provider isn’t as hard as you might think. This video shows you how one of our customers switched from Streamyx to us. Very easy! Hope you enjoy watching it :)

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Upcoming Webmail Re-Design
March 31st, 2010 | Posted by Pin

We’re excited to announce a complete re-design of our Webmail interface! Last week, we rolled out the new design to our direct Beta Users, for rigorous testing, before the live launch in late April.

The live launch will feature a cleaner interface with a simpler, unified toolbar, easier controls for background images and company logos (in the admin CP) and lots more!

New webmail interface

View larger screenshot

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Setting Up Nokia Messenger
March 17th, 2010 | Posted by Pin

Nokia email

Most Nokia phones allow you to access your mailbox on the go. You’ll find it extremely useful when you need to sneak peek into your Inbox when you’re out of the office without your notebook. In general, setting up the email function in your Nokia phone is pretty straight forward. It usually starts from the Mail Settings options.

For those with POP and IMAP support, choose IMAP.

– Incoming mail server: imap.emailsrvr.com (port 143)
– Outgoing mail server: smtp.emailsrvr.com (port 587)
– Username: your email address
– Your SMTP requires authentication.
– SMTP’s Authentication are the same as your incoming server

For those with only POP support, change imap.emailsrvr.com to pop.emailsrvr.com, and change port from 143 to 110.


1. Uncheck ‘Leave a copy of email…’ in your email client. By doing this, your Nokia messenger will only show your new email messages which you have yet to download to your email client.

2. To verify if your password is correct, try it out using the Webmail. If you’ve lost your password, send a password reset request to us via our Contact Us form.

3. Emails sent through your Nokia phone will only appear in the Sent box of the Webmail if you’re using IMAP.

4. International roaming for 3G is possible when you’re abroad. Since Nokia Messenger only downloads the header by default, it requires a minimum bandwidth and you should not expect to pay much.

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Quickie Email Migration
March 10th, 2010 | Posted by Pin

Let me tell you about our most recent email migration feat. On Friday, March 15, at 1.18 pm, we received an online order for email hosting from Geh of Chua Trading. At the time, our team was having a mini vacation in Port Dickson to watch Le Tour de Langkawi. The race had started in Muar and was ending in Port Dickson, and being cycling enthusiasts, we just had to be there!

Malaysian Anuar Manan creates history in Le Tour de Langkawi

Thankfully, with our Remote Office concept, it didn’t matter where we were. Upon receiving the request, the team was able to ascertain immediately that this was an email migration instead of new email setup. With that in mind, we knew we had to act fast, because usually, the customer must have encountered some serious email problems that had forced them to migrate.

Sneak peek of mobile office

First, we made a call and spoke to them about their problem. In this way, we wanted them to know that they weren’t dealing with a machine. Before that, we did some background checks to ensure that we had sufficient access to manage their email domains in order to estimate a completion time. The customer was relieved to hear that we could get it done within the same day, and we also informed them that our migration team was ready to continue working on their problem even on the weekend if necessary.

Guide to new email hosting

Geh was extremely prompt and helpful. He provided all the information we requested almost immediately. By 5.27pm, the email migration had been completed. A new email setup guide was prepared and sent to him to help him set up the new email system for all their email users.

Before we closed the case, however, our team made sure that the new Mail Exchange (MX) settings were propagated correctly. A call was made on Monday morning to make sure that everything was working well. Then, we helped the customer to remove their own email domain from their previous email service provider. If we didn’t do that, they’d encounter missing emails, which can be a big problem.

In response to our team’s quick action, Geh said, “Thanks for the info. Appreciate your fast reply.” Our team would like to thank you too Geh, for coming to us with your problem.

Malaysian Anuar Manan creates history in Le Tour de Langkawi

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Working Around Your ISP Blocking Port 25
March 10th, 2010 | Posted by Pin

Ok, time for some tech speak! Many ISPs are blocking the outbound SMTP port 25. It allows ISPs to block spam sent out through their networks, but it tends to “punish” those who innocently need to send stuff through e-mail servers, rather than those belonging to their ISP.

The port 25 is chosen by default

In a nutshell, here are some of the possible scenarios that you might encounter when using port 25:

1. Sending an email from your Outlook Express or Outlook (assuming you’ve configured the email client to use the default port 25 for your SMTP server)

2. Submitting a web form (assuming the back-end was done using a SMTP method)

3. Using Groupmail to deliver email newsletter (assuming the Groupmail is configured to use port 25)

In short, your emails will be blocked and the worst thing is, they’re usually dropped without any returned error messages or notices to the sender. To overcome this issue, we’ve setup an alternate port. You can use port 8025 or port 587 instead of port 25.

TM’s SMTP Nightmare!

On-Site Support
March 8th, 2010 | Posted by Pin

Aiktern, network specialist from Waysoft

In a recent case, one of our customers informed us that they’ve been experiencing duplicate emails and timeout problems. Their connection to our mail server was also extremely slow. We took immediate action to set up a test and confirm that the problem cannot be solved off-site. Though we suspected that the problem was largely due to their network problems, saying “No” to a customer isn’t how we like to do things.

Within a day, we arranged to have Aiktern, a friend and network specialist, attend to our customer in Johor. The on-site investigation was performed and all aspects of the network were checked. A summary of findings was compiled and shared with the customer.

This is how we like to deal with our customer’s email problems, after all, that is our main business!

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Getting to know Aizam
March 4th, 2010 | Posted by Pin

Muhamad Aizam, the cute and macho IT veteran

Allow us to introduce you to Aizam, who outsourced us to host and support email facilities for the company he works for. They’ve quite a huge number of users, and our set up for them in February went smoothly. Now, their email users are using our services without any problems.

Q: Aizam, can you tell us a little bit more about yourself and your work?

I’ve been working in IT for more than 11 years. I used to work for IBM Malaysia (AS400) and CSA Malaysia ( KTM Komuter Project ), but now I’m with Sime Darby Eng ( Senior System Analyst ).This is my 10th year with them. I’m responsible for preparing bids for new projects (local and international), designing and ensuring that new and existing systems are in working order, and last but not least, to analyse current systems for enhancement, in accordance to the company’s growth and expectations.

Q: How did you find us and what made you choose to work with us?

I found 1.com.my via the Internet, after I Googled for a top email hosting service in Malaysia. I decided to choose 1.com.my due to your minimum downtime for the whole year, and the support you offer to your customers.

Q: Why did you opt to outsource an email host, rather than hosting it in-house?

I chose to outsource due to my project-based requirements, plus the cost to implement an in-house email host is much higher in comparison to outsourcing the solution.

Q: If you were to describe our email hosting services in one word, what would it be?

GREAT – Good, Readiness, Easy, Archive, Total Solution

Q: Okay, last question, which would you choose – iPhone or BlackBerry?

Blackberry :)

“Thanks Aizam! The interview really helped us to know more about you. Your words really motivate us and it’s made our team extremely excited! Rest assured, continued enhancement of services and support is at the top of our list of priorities, and it can’t be done without feedback and support from people like you!” said Pin, founder of 1.com.my

Download Pin’s Guide to Email Hosting

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Email Archiving Solution
December 2nd, 2009 | Posted by Pin

By default, 14-day nightly backups of email messages are bundled with our email hosting services.  Daily snapshot backups are stored in a top tier cloud storage system where restorations from the past 14 days can be obtained directly from the control panel.

14-days nightly backup

14-days nightly backup


Existing Problems

1) Backup does not cover messages which have been downloaded via email clients, in the event the email client does not leave a copy of messages in the server.

2) Messages sent through the email clients will not appear in the Webmail, thus will not be included in the backup.

3) Deleted messages in the Webmail will not be included in the backup in the event the users ‘Purge’ the Trash folder.

4) Backup covers only 14 days. It is not a complete archiving solution.


Available Email Archiving Options

1) Email Archiving

A full-fledge email archiving solution that comes with admin console. Securely store, search and retrieve archived messages in seconds.

Admin console’s dashboard

Admin console’s dashboard

Retrieve archived messages via search

Retrieve archived messages via search

2) Bcc Archiving

A basic email backup solution that stores messages in a specific mailbox.

Archiving setting page

Archiving setting page

Archived messages are forwarded to a specific mailbox

Archived messages are forwarded to a specific mailbox


Comparison Chart

Features Email Archiving Bcc Archiving
Backup specific mailbox Can only be applied to ALL mailboxes Can backup selected mailbox
Manage archive Full admin console, with reporting, search and users management No. Messages are forwarded to a specific mailbox for archiving purpose.
Access Authorized users to the Admin Console Authorized users to the mailbox that stores the archived messages
Storage size Unlimited Depends on the size of the mailbox that stores the archived messages
Search options Searches message text, attachments, and metadata with lightning-fast results and export to .pst, .pdf, .txt, MIME, and more Limited Search
Cost RM120 per mailbox per year RM58.80* per mailbox per year + 1 additional mailbox (10GB) RM139.20 per year

*Between RM58.80 to RM99.00, depending on number of mailboxes selected


Estimated Cost

Assumptions Email Archiving Bcc Archiving
Backup 20 selected mailboxes Not available RM1,459.20 / year
(RM66 x 20 mailboxes + RM139.20)
Backup 100 selected mailboxes Not available RM6,019.20 / year
(RM58.80 x 100 mailboxes + RM139.20)
Backup all mailboxes (200 mailboxes) RM24,000 / year
(RM120 x 200 mailboxes)
RM11,899.20 / year
(RM58.80 x 200 mailboxes + RM139.20)
Using GroupMail (Part 1 – Configuration)
November 6th, 2009 | Posted by Pin

E-mailing has become the revolutionary step in how companies and organizations choose to keep their partners, friends and clients informed and up-to-date. Using e-mail solutions like GroupMail has certainly simplified the job and it is very user-friendly.

Here’s how the application can be configured, once installed on the user’s machine.

Step 1:
Open and run Group Mail from your installed machine. Go to Tools > Account Manager

Go to Tools > Account Manager

Go to Tools > Account Manager

Step 2:
Click on the “New” button to start configuration. A window titled “Account Properties” as shown on the right region will appear.

Account Properties

Account Properties

Step 3:
Key in the information as shown below under the “User Information” tab.

Name for Account: Any Name
Name: Your Name (appear in recipient’s email)
Organization : –
Email Address : noreply@yourdomain.com (appear in the From Address)
Reply-to Address : noreply@yourdomain.com

User Information

User Information

Step 4:
Navigate the tab to “Delivery Options” and key in the information as shown below.

Delivery Options: Standard
SMTP Server: smtp.emailsrvr.com
Tick “Require Authentication”

Connections: 1
Pause every 1 message for 30 seconds

Delivery Options

Delivery Options

Step 5:
Click on the “Setup” button for Authentication Settings

Tick: Use SMTP Authentication (outbound)
Type: AUTH-LOGIN (Default)
Username: noreply@yourdomain.com
Password: Your Password

Authentication Settings

Authentication Settings

Step 6:
Click on the “Advanced” button for Advanced Email Settings.

Key in the information as shown below:

SMTP Port: 587
POP3 Port: 110

Note: Do not tick “Server requires an SSL connection” | other settings remain default

SMTP & POP3 Advanced Email Settings

SMTP & POP3 Advanced Email Settings

Step 7:
Click on the “OK” button on the Advanced Email Settings and start the email test by clicking “Test” button.

Specify a Test Message To: email address:

Testing Email Settings

Testing Email Settings

Step 8:
Upon successful sending of the test email, the following screen will be visible stating the status as “Success!”

Email Testing Succesful

Email Testing Succesful

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