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Life is a bliss now
October 5th, 2011 | Posted by Pin

Just to share

Nevertheless, with a twist of fate, I had a chance to liaise with Pin and I was very amazed by their speedy response and professionalism. It was really refreshing for me who used to deal with TM for years. Their (Pin) attentiveness and professionalism had motivated me to take a leap of faith even though I was really worry sick of any interruption to our business email. I was seriously amazed by the efficiency of Pin’s team in the email migration, as there was not even one interruption, everything is so smooth that most of my colleagues were not aware the email service had been migrated from TM to Pin. And the most important thing is that I had not made any complaints or I had no need to make any complains to Pin in the past 1 year, life is a bliss now. But deep down inside I appreciate that Pin has made sure the problems have already been solved before I voice my complaints and I am grateful for it by writing this short mail to tell Pin that your hard work is remembered though I may not have say it before. Thank you.

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A Place to Work
March 21st, 2011 | Posted by Pin

In conjunction with the launch of our office incubator, we’re inviting friends from all our Groups to join in the fun. The aim is to see web developers from different teams, iPhone apps developers and freelancers come together and have a chat.

If you are coming over, do take note that you won’t find our address on our official website. We don’t have admin staff that sit around to answer calls either, but what we do have is a better way of handling things. Plus, you’d be interested to know that we don’t have official working hours either!

Sounds crazy? It’s radical, but it works! Come on over and find out how this is the place to discuss and make our products and services better!

A gathering of friends

More pictures

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The Ugly Side of Customer Support – New Year Edition
January 25th, 2011 | Posted by Pin

Last night, I called IKEA at around 9pm. I had been careless and left one of my purchases at the cashier counter. When I realised my mistake, I looked up their phone number on their website and called them. I waited for 20 minutes, but the machine kept telling me to wait, and gave me some false hope by playing some seriously annoying background music. I tried a few more times and finally gave up. I started looking for their email address and found it. I wrote them an email on the spot and there hasn’t been a reply.

On separate note, today I started receiving autoresponders and notices in my email inbox from corporate friends who are notifying their contacts on how long they’ll be away for the holidays and when they’re coming back to work after spending all their angpow money. All this lack of email response made me realise – we’re living in a world that’s “connected” 24×7 now (unless, of course, your support team is climbing up Gunung Tahan), so why not provide better customer care? It’s not rocket science!

Let us dispel some customer service myths:

1. Customers won’t call you up for tech support at 5am – because they need to sleep too.

2. They won’t ask you complex questions during CNY – because they’re busy celebrating as well.

3. Customers don’t care about your operation times – they care about having their problems solved.

4. Companies often rely on machines to handle call-ins from customers asking for support. This is a horribly wrong approach. Why not solve the problem and that will eventually reduce your support work load.

5. The bigger the company, like Airasia, IKEA, TM… to name a few… the longer you’ll have to wait for a response. They get loads of calls, so they depend on machines. They should just find out why people are calling and solve the problems at hand so people won’t bother to call again in the future.

But enough of my rantings! We hope that you’ll enjoy your Chinese New Year! Like you, we’ll be enjoying our holidays with friends and family too, but we’ll also enjoy keeping our customer support available to you as usual. Happy holidays!


Are We 100%?
January 14th, 2011 | Posted by Pin

See? Pin is a living, breathing human being!

Tech geeks will talk about how our SMTP mail server has maintained a 99.993% uptime since May 2006, and that we test our servers every 15 minutes, but what sets Pin and his team apart from other support teams is the fact that they’re willing to explain things to you in layman terms. Basically, if you tried to send an email every 15 minutes since May 2006, out of 129,600 emails sent, only 10 won’t be delivered, which is pretty phenomenal. There’s no doubt that our email servers are reliable, but we’re always searching for and discovering new ways to improve your email experience each day.

Customers who outsource their email services to us expect a fully integrated solution, which means we must ensure that our email servers are always up and running, and that we’ll make the extra effort to help solve issues arising from Internet Service Providers, email clients like Outlook, Outlook Express and even teaching clients how to retrieve emails from mobile devices.

We’ve dealt with over 500 customers, and this allow us to have a better understanding of the various user requirements out there. The experience has also exposed us to issues that have, in return, equipped us with the know-how to solve all kinds of email problems, including missing or duplicate emails, Spam, backup and restoration, and much more.

To all our loyal clients, thank you for giving us the chance to serve you, and for sharing with us your email issues. Apart from finding ways around email problems, it has also helped us to compile tips and tricks that can help others in the future.


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The Reason to Stay
November 3rd, 2010 | Posted by Pin

We at 1.com.my, are happy to provide a range of services, in order to meet your every email hosting, web hosting and domain name need. Since they are all renewable services, we’re happy to report that many of our customers have chosen to stay with us year after year, some for up to 10 years!

To all our loyal customers, we wish you the heartiest of thanks, and we invite all of you to tell us why you’ve decided to stay with us all these years.

My reason to stay is…

Swift Reply
August 13th, 2010 | Posted by Pin

Recently, one of our customers sent us an email saying, “Thank you for the impressively swift reply,” which is the kind of feedback we love to get. Replying to emails, after all, is our job, and over the years, we’ve developed a habit to:

1. Reply to emails fast, usually on the same day
2. Keep emails short. We compose it in our minds before start typing
3. Use the best email tools
4. Never lose our emails even when disaster strikes
5. Use keyboard shortcuts
6. Use plain text email with small attachments at all times
7. Send download links instead of huge files over emails
8. Allow conversion view to keep messages in best order
9. Never mark an email as read until an action has been taken
8. Be thorough. First, we make sure that we don’t miss any questions, and second, we offer help and SOLVE the problem

We’d like to thank TG for inspiring and showing us how to develop these nifty email skills! While working with TG in the past, we noticed that he writes short and fast emails. He would shorten names to two characters, usually, and he would ask questions directly in the email when anything’s unclear, unlike many people who just ignore the email or reply much later, because apparently they need more time to think. TG solves problems with quick email exchanges and it’s very productive and effective!

Before I go, let me share with you what I think is an example of an email signature that’s bound to scare your customers away (or at least make them think twice about contacting you):

Too much information to digest in one go!

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What is 1.my?
July 12th, 2010 | Posted by Pin

People have asked us, “What kind of company is 1.my?” and often, we find it extremely difficult to explain things especially because we’re constantly changing. The intern students who join us from time to time have often asked to see an organizational chart, and we have to tell them that there isn’t one. All in all, it’s not easy to define the organization as each team member has the flexibility to do whatever they want, as long as they have one mission in mind.

To understand us better, please refer to this book, it will give you a glimpse into the sort of technology that we use.

What is 1.my?

So, A New Working Place
June 21st, 2010 | Posted by Pin

We don’t call it an office but we work here.

Day 1

All in a day’s work
May 28th, 2010 | Posted by Pin

Why machine-generated email sucks?

Ever since we decided that no message should be sent out looking like a machine-generated email, we’ve gotten overwhelming response and found that our customers are more wiling to share their problems with us now.

We are proud that they have us in mind when they come across any questions related to the IT field. Since it’s all about sharing and caring, we’re more than happy to help. In fact, we find it a pleasure to be able to interact with our customers on a personal basis.

Examples of day to day questions that we’ve received include:

Should we respond to emails that claim we have to secure xxxx.cn name etc?

Is safe to press the “proceed” button when the screen says the SSL certificate is not signed properly?

How does one switch to OpenDNS?

What is the best practice in naming a corporate email address?

Thanks for the questions you guys, we hear you and we’re here for you. Keep them coming!

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UCIP for Road On Peat Approved!
April 23rd, 2010 | Posted by Pin

Congratulation to the team led by our advisor, Prof Lee Yee Loon to spearhead a trial embankment on peat in Sibu, Sarawak. The idea evolved around turning biomass into lightweight aggregate for sustainable construction.

Team leader Dr. Lee Yee Loon (Ashmann Project)

UCIP Interview (From Left: Jason, Chong and Ali)

Pervious lightweight concrete for flood mitigation and rain water harvesting

For project detail, you can contact Dr. Lee (yllee@1.com.my)

Launching New Book
April 12th, 2010 | Posted by Pin

Pin’s new 140-page book, ‘Guide to Online Business’ will set you back just RM35. To order, please send your money to payment@1.com.my via Paypal. The book isn’t refundable once sold, but just in case, you can find other good uses for it. Check this out:

As a mouse pad

As a coaster

As a table-height adjuster

The possibilities are endless! If you happen to have any other ideas, post it here.

The book is published by Leeds Publications. This book can not be done without the continuous support and guidance from Goh, the founder of Leeds Publications.

Book Preview

Guide to Online Business Preview

Do not have Paypal account?

Of Wise Choices and Free Emails
March 29th, 2010 | Posted by Pin

If you’re looking for an email hosting service, don’t just look at the top-ranked web hosting services and get blinded by offers of CPanel or unlimited bandwidth and storage. There’s always a catch behind those claims. We’re definitely avid users of Rackspace, but of course, there’s nothing wrong with trying something new. True enough, we recently found that BlueHost.com, a top-ranked WordPress hosting provider, was not up to our expectations.

So before you sign up for something, make a point to understand what the package offers, and think about whether or not it suits your needs. We’d have to say that some web hosting companies, especially those who provide customers with CPanel, are nothing but lazy. Not all web hosting customers have extensive technical knowledge, and will therefore find it difficult to tackle technical issues that might crop up. Like, how would a customer know that when an error pops up with PHP, it usually includes a file error?

These problems arise due to the fact that CPanel allows customers to customise features in their hosting account. Too many customisations often lead to confusion and unnecessary packages. Some customers even unknowingly disable their outgoing SMTP server, which makes contact forms and WordPress hosting very unfriendly to users. What happens is, when a user receives comments, they’re not notified accordingly.

Additionally, while some email hosts claim to give you unlimited bandwidth, there are still limitations. After you’ve seen your bandwidth shooting up, you’ll also notice that the loading time for your website has slowed down. So, while their claims of unlimited bandwidth are true, there are hidden bandwidth constraints.

Also, have you ever been enticed by free mailboxes? A friend asked me recently about Google Apps‘ offer of 25 free mailboxes, and if that would affect our business. While his concerns aren’t baseless, he was surprised to learn that we actually suggest the service to our customers and even set it up for them for free. Wait a minute; doesn’t this present a conflict of interest with our own email service (which can cost up to RM99 per mailbox a year)?

Well, as we’re on the frontline, we’re always trying to be different from other service providers. We evaluate new products and services to find the best solutions that’ll work for our customers. We want customers to trust us like we trust Google, in believing that their search engines will give us the most accurate search results. We tested Google Apps, worked and played with it for a couple months, and found that this new application can, in fact, improve our customer’s email communication. But, of course, a single solution can’t solve all problems.

Looking back, we’re glad that we brought Rackspace’s business email solution to Malaysia, although it was one of the most expensive email solutions around. Today, we’re proud to be one of the most reliable email solution companies in Malaysia!

With that in mind, our no-frills web hosting services will only cost RM80 a year. The standard package we have comes with 12GB of bandwidth, 10GB of storage and 1000 compute cycles. Almost 99% of our current website owners use no more than 20% of the usage. For those exceeding their bandwiths, they can rest assured that we don’t badger them into upgrading, which can be costly. We’ll only suggest an upgrade if it is the only solution.

For example we’ve encountered a web owner who accidently uploaded one of Lady Gaga’s songs in MP3, and his bandwidth shot up to few GB a day. Do you think he needed to buy extra bandwidth? By identifiying where goes wrong, we can solve the bandwidth problem without additional upgrade. I don’t think so. Also, we’re the first to limit single-host names per hosting service. Meaning, if you want to have blog.abc.com and abc.com, you’ll need to subscribe to two hosting packages.

Lady Gaga cracks 1 billion views on Youtube

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New Ad Space Marketplace, Essasu.com
January 19th, 2010 | Posted by Pin

Essasu.com, the advertisement marketplace

Essasu.com is the place to buy sell advertisement space.

1) Reaching out more advertiser – more exposure, no extra cost

2) Commission-free booking platform & no cash holdback

3) You won’t look like a advertising portal, your space is for charity

4) No more time wasted in finding buyers of your space

5) Instant & free listing of your newly added ad space

Sign up now

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Meet Doodle Designer, Juliet
January 19th, 2010 | Posted by Pin

I’d like to say a big thanks to our “doodle” designer, Juliet Chee. What makes a great doodle designer? Well, you’ve got to be fun, inspiring, friendly and creative, all of which are qualities we found in Juliet.

Doodle showcase:

Chinese New Year, 2010

Christmas, 2009

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