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Once bitten twice shy – From empty promises to sighs of relief
December 23rd, 2010 | Posted by Pin

Everyone's afraid of jumping from the frying pan into the fire

One of our customers, a medical equipment supplier, had encountered a lot of issues with their email. It’s a long story, really, but it started out with them hosting their email internally in the past. Then, six months ago, they decided to outsource their email to a local email service provider that promised higher uptimes, better Spam control and improved support, but their hopes were soon dashed!

The MSC Status company claims that it is ‘committed to the most innovative, effective, and sound solutions possible for our clients,’ but things started to go wrong right after the client signed up for their services! In one occasion, customer was told that their email services will be migrated to a new server. In the end, the migration had to be cancelled last minute and the client was left hanging and stuck!

“We don’t believe in solving email problems without truly understanding the customer’s needs,” said Pin, 1.my

When we were called in to help sort things out, we made it clear that we don’t believe in solving email problems without truly understanding the customer’s needs. We sat down with their staff and interviewed them in detail. They needed us to work out a perfect plan for everyone, but it also had to cater to each person’s own preference in handling emails. It was a tough task, but we tried our best to help and suggest new methods to improve their job efficiency and reduce work load.

The customer was paranoid, and who can blame them for being that way? They were given lots of empty promises by the previous email host who even claimed that they had the best uptime in town. As the saying goes, “Once bitten, twice shy,” and when we meet the managing director of the medical equipment supplier company face-to-face, he asked why they should trust and choose us, as they were cautious about jumping from the frying pan into the fire. We confidently told them that we were there to help them solve all their email problems, and that they have our word on that.

With more than a hundred email users and branches all over malaysia, their email migration had to be well planned. We worked closely with their technical support and everything was done smoothly. To play it safe, we have sent out our technical staff to their office for the first week after the migration. We helped them set up new email configurations and ran from desk to desk to ensure that everyone was comfortable with the new email system.

We also drafted email tips and tricks that was sent out to all email users, so that they knew how to manage their emails more effectively. We’ve always believed that email services are about experience, so we are constantly trying to ensure that our email users like us not just because of our uptime, but also because we care enough to share tips on how to improve their email experience.

We’re proud to say that the email migration was a success, and we even managed to solve a glitch so that their fax machine now works correctly and can send faxes to email addresses. We also solved missing email issues that occured because some users were still on the old setting.

It’s been our pleasure to work with their technical team, and we recently received feedback that they’re very pleased with their new email system. They simply told us, “They like the new email!” which is short, but sweet, and it’s music to our ears! We’re happy to have once again come to a customer’s rescue by solving their email woes.

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2 Responses to “Once bitten twice shy – From empty promises to sighs of relief”

Eric said:
January 1st, 2011

Hi Pin,

What a great rescue scenario you got there. I’m sure it is fun during the troubleshooting period. Way to go and keep it up ya.

Pin said:
January 17th, 2011

How are you doing, Eric?

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