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Email Uptime and Performance Report
October 21st, 2009 | Posted by Pin

Hi everyone, the team has been working hard to compile various reports on our uptime and performance this year. They’re now ready for you to download, so check them out:

1) Performance Report

This report details data we’ve collected since May 2009. It indicates the average response time in which our test servers connect to various services every 15 minutes.

Download Report

2) Webmail’s Uptime Report

Our average uptime in 2009 is 99.986%. We experienced two outages, which were recorded in May and June 2009, both lasting no more than 30 minutes.

Download Report

3) Incoming Mail Server’s Uptime Report

Good news! Out POP3 or incoming mail server achieved 100% uptime this year! In fact, we’re proud to say that no downtime was recorded since March 2008. Users should be receiving emails perfectly each time they press the download email button in their Outlook or Outlook Express, but may still encounter problems such as timeouts, which could be caused by ISP or email client problems

Download Report

4) Outgoing Mail Server’s Uptime Report

In 2008, we recorded two outages, but this year, we’ve reduced it to zero. We’re happy to report that the average uptime in 2009 is 100%. Despite the 100% uptime, however, users may still encounter problems with sending out emails. Usually, this is caused by ISPs blocking our SMTP and configuration problems in email clients.

Download Report

5) Mail Server Comparison Report

This comprehensive report reveals the uptime of various email-hosting companies in Malaysia. The monitoring was provided by Hyperspin, an independent 3rd party monitoring service. The monitoring, carried out at 15 minute intervals since December 2007, was performed from multiple monitoring stations worldwide, to eliminate false alarms. All reported downtimes are confirmed by 4 stations. The ‘Monitoring Total Outage’ report refers to the number of downtimes for both incoming and outgoing servers. Total downtime includes the duration of the outage for both incoming and outgoing servers. Just click on individual uptime figures to view detailed Hyperspin reports.

Download Report

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One Response to “Email Uptime and Performance Report”

Jenny Kok said:
October 27th, 2009

Great job guys! I’m glad you’re my host :) Keep it up!

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