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How to Use Web Hosting Control Panel?
October 29th, 2008 | Posted by Pin

1. Logon to http://www.websitesettings.com. Enter your Username and Password to login.

Web hosting control panel login page

Web hosting control panel login page

2. Now, you can see the websites in your account listed in the middle of the page. Click on the website domain which you want to edit.

List of websites in the account

List of websites in the account

3. Under ‘General Settings’, you are able to view the Bandwidth, Disk Space and Compute Cycles allocated for you monthly. If you wish to look at your website statistics, click on the ‘View Web Statistics’.

Traffic and disk space

Traffic and disk space

4. You can also check your FTP login details under ‘General Settings’.

FTP login details

FTP login details

5. If you wish to customize your hosting package, go to ‘Features’ section under Technologies. Click on ‘Customize’ and you are allow to switch your hosting between Linux and Windows Server. Also, you can choose between PHP 5.2.0 and PHP 4.4.7 for Linux hosting.

Web hosting features

Web hosting features

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5 Responses to “How to Use Web Hosting Control Panel?”

Web Hosting said:
November 9th, 2008

Nice step by step guide! It will be good if you can provide a whole set of step by step guide on all the web hosting. :)

Eric Oye said:
December 9th, 2008

Hi Pin,

Thanks for the information, is there any demo account that the web hosting provide can allow us for testing?

Is there wordpress pre-installed?
Subdomain setting?
Include email hosting?(share disk space)
Integrated FTP on the control panel?


Eric Oye

Victor said:
August 27th, 2009


Good information site you have to guide newbies like me to webhosting.

As some comment left earlier, i noticed about your demo page. Could i tried it out as well with a demo?

I would like to see the differences between cPanel from some other hostings around.



Pin said:
August 27th, 2009

Thank you, Victor. I must admit, most of our customers do not even use the control panel. Our support team usually attend directly to their request to setup FTP users or new database.

CPanel is way too over-promised. It is a GUI version of Linux Command Prompt to manage a server. It is a tool for technical guy but certainly not for an end user.

I am sorry. We do not have a demo at this moment. We have captured most of the screenshot in this post and we believe it should be more than enough to make our users’ life easier. The rest of thing, let us manage it for you and advise you the best way to do it.

Afterall, we believe you do not want to mess up with your Zone Records or anything that can turn your sites up side down :)

Victor Koon said:
March 26th, 2012


May i know how can i setup my odbc to my php database? I requested to install the odbc in the packege but i did not see any configuration page on the web panel/ mysqlphpadmin. Please kindly advice

Victor Koon

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