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We Hate Late Reply Too
October 11th, 2008 | Posted by Pin

There are reasons why we wish our customers to use the Contact us form instead of calling or email us directly. With less channels to take care of now, we buy ourselves extra time to serve you better. In a more measurable way, to attend to you faster!

Behind the scene, we turn everyone in the company into gatekeeper. We believe that the first gatekeeper who receive your message should always be the best person to answer you. By doing this, we can greatly reduce your time waiting.

To help youself even quicker, check out the FAQ before filling up the Contact us form. You might find answers to your problem and solve it on the spot.

We’re customer too. We hate late reply when filling up any contact us form. Check out our average response time!

Month No. of Request Average Response Time
Apr 2012 23 53 Mins
Mar 2012 21 37 Mins
Feb 2012 20 33 Mins
Jan 2012 19 56 Mins
Dec 2011 17 33 Mins
Nov 2011 11 44 Mins
Oct 2011 8 2 Hours 14 Mins
Sep 2011 19 21 Mins
Aug 2011 24 30 Mins
Jul 2011 21 39 Mins
Jun 2011 23 58 Mins
May 2011 21 30 Mins
Apr 2011 17 29 Mins
Mar 2011 18 47 Mins
Feb 2011 20 41 Mins
Jan 2011 27 40 Mins
Dec 2010 19 31 Mins
Nov 2010 30 58 Mins
Oct 2010 33 38 Mins
Sep 2010 20 1 Hrs 34 Mins
Aug 2010 14 21 Mins
Jul 2010 26 53 Mins
Jun 2010 25 34 Mins
May 2010 25 47 Mins
Apr 2010 28 39 Mins
Mar 2010 32 38 Mins
Feb 2010 20 32 Mins
Jan 2010 21 19 Mins
Dec 2009 44 43 Mins
Nov 2009 44 17 Mins
Oct 2009 50 43 Mins
Sep 2009 63 45 Mins
Aug 2009 52 45 Mins
Jul 2009 49 30 Mins
Jun 2009 48 33 Mins
May 2009 45 39 Mins
Apr 2009 44 44 Mins
Mar 2009 72 44 Mins
Feb 2009 66 1 Hrs 03 Mins
Jan 2009 56 47 Mins
Dec 2008 61 1 Hrs 0 Mins
Nov 2008 79 5 Hrs 14 Mins
Oct 2008 74 20 Hrs 14 Mins
Sep 2008 64 21 Hrs 12 Mins
Aug 2008 67 18 Hrs 24 Mins

Note: Response time refers to the time taken for someone to hear from us after submitting their request using the Contact us form, including weekends, holidays and after office hour.

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4 Responses to “We Hate Late Reply Too”

Resellers - 1.com.my said:
October 23rd, 2008

[…] We Hate Late Reply Too […]

King You said:
November 28th, 2008

You’d posted average response time, which for the last couple of months those response time exceeding 18 hours. Effectively the requester will get the response a day later or more.

What about resolution time? Duration to fix the problem?

Pin said:
November 28th, 2008

Since the day we launched the new Contact us form, we’re skeptical too. It was never easy, and some of the customers complaints to us and prefer to talk or email us. Same goes to us, we have been working to improve our Contact us form over the last couple months with feedback from our customers.

This was reflected in Nov, and things start to go well. We believe, the best way to encourage the use of Contact us form among our customers are, by rewarding them with even faster response time and solve their problem in shorter duration.

You’re right, Lee. Response time is not equal to solving problem. We have built FAQ into the Contact us form to help customers to solve their problem even before contacting us. Each of us, are committed to solve your problem immediately after receiving the support request. To the worst case, if we can’t solve it immediately where in cases such as more info are needed or we need extra time to find the solution for you, we will inform our customer too.

We target less than 2 hours response time in Dec :)

Adrian said:
December 1st, 2009

yay!!! hip hip hurray =]


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