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Terry Fox Run KL 2008
September 3rd, 2008 | Posted by Pin

Thank you, all the 2008 Runners. See you in year 2009 again! If you have any pictures to share, please paste the link in your comment!

Terry Fox knew personally, the importance of the need for cancer research. At the age of 18, he was told that his right leg had to be amputated above the knee as a result of bone cancer. During this crucial period, Terry saw the intense pain and despair of other cancer victims and was deeply moved. In order to raise funds for cancer research, he decided to run across Canada asking for donations. This became ‘The Marathon of Hope’?. Terry Fox died before he could complete his crusade, but his legacy is carried in the hearts of all who participate or donate to the Terry Fox Run each year around the world.

The run will take place on 2 November 2008 (Flag off 9.00 am) at Taman Tasik Perdana (Lake Gardens). Participants are to be at the assembly area by 8.45 am. All participants must run on the designated route. The Terry Fox Run is an all-inclusive family event and there is no charge to participate in the Terry Fox Run.

TFR KL 2008 T-Shirt, courtesy of Aoi

TFR KL 2008 T-Shirt, courtesy of Aoi

1. Do I need to register for the Run?
No. The Terry Fox Run is an all-inclusive family event and there is no charge to participate in the Terry Fox Run.

2. I wish to donate, how?
Most people support the run by purchasing a limited edition Terry Fox T-Shirt for RM 25.00. T-shirts are available for sale at the Canadian High Commission, Menara Citibank, CARIF or on the day of the run.

3. How long is the route?
One route is about 3km and one about 7km. You can walk, run, skate, bike or use a skateboard.

4. Can I bring Pet?
No. The event attracts large crowd of people including kids.

5. What time do I need to be at Lake Garden?
Before 9am on this Sunday, 2 Nov 2008. For those who wish to get your T-Shirt on the Run day, please be there earlier.

6. Can I buy the T-Shirt without joining the Run?
Yes, you can.

7. Do you have a route map?

Run route for Terry Fox Run KL 2008

Run route for Terry Fox Run KL 2008

(It starts and finsihes at the same point in Lake Garden).

8. What is the event schedules?
– 8.30am Participants to assemble at starting point
8.50am Warm up session by Fitness First
– 9.00 am Flag off (wheels)
– 9.05 am Flag off (others)
– 9.45 am onwards, refreshments are served
– 10.00am children’s activities at the Children’s tents
– 11.00am End of Run

9. Is there an official TFR KL website?
The international TFR committee decided to consolidate all event website under one.

10. How do I volunteer to help?
Pls leave your comment using the Leave a Reply form below. This also help us to contact you again for next year event.

11. How to get there?
Busses – to unload at fountain near national muzium… short walk to starting point through the underground passageway. Busses can park at natioanl muzium car park… ample place. Cars – park at Padang Merbok across Jalan Parliament and walk over. (A note from Jo, cautious when crossing…:)

12. I have more questions, which email can I send to?

13. Can I promote this event in my Blog?
Yes, you can.

14. I missed this event last Sunday. However I would like to make the RM25 donation still. How do I go about?
You can send it or deposit it to the Terry Fox Run account at Scotiabank, at 69 Jalan Raja Chulan.

Last year event posted by mrnite

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71 Responses to “Terry Fox Run KL 2008”

grabulasa said:
October 24th, 2008

great idea……was hoping for a chance to get it during the weekend

Terry Fox Run KL 2008 « Do you like peaches? said:
October 26th, 2008

[…] For more information, please click here! […]

mang0 said:
October 28th, 2008

Does anyone know whether we can bring dogs along for the run?

Pin said:
October 28th, 2008

Updates: Run Day Programme

8.30am Participants to assemble at starting point

8.50am Warm up session by Fitness First

9.00 am Flag off (wheels)

9.05 am Flag off (others)

9.45 am onwards (when participants return) Refreshments are served at F&B tents

10.00am children’s activities at the Children’s tents

11.00am End of Run

Ken Lam said:
October 28th, 2008

pls advise whom should we write the cheque out to ?
paying on behalf for company’s event.

ien said:
October 29th, 2008

My friend and I have finally gotten t-shirts for friends, families and ourselves from 1U! :-) Btw, there is a new micro-fibre fabric t-shirt this year selling @ RM50.00 for those who would prefer the light-weight fabric.

Aoi – They didn’t issue any receipt for us… Not sure if Lensa Malaysia will be there this year. Couldn’t find updates on their web. I reckon they would be there or at some other photographers. I’d be there with my camera. ;-)

Pin – Thanks for the updates again. I hope this is alright, I have actually posted this event on facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=37038681516 to invite more people…

babe_kl said:
October 29th, 2008

ien, i gotten my tees from 1U and i was issued official receipt on the spot.

btw Pin, i’ve removed the banner from my blog. funny they do not want the public to help them publicise the event by using the banner?

I run U run said:
October 29th, 2008

Hi Pin,

Is there any secure place that we can put our bags or belongings ?

Hi Mango : Pls don’t bring animal such as dogs or cats…we do not want to offend our muslim friends or steps on dogs poo while running…

I run U run said:
October 29th, 2008

HI Pin,

Hmmm…what is your contingency plan if on that morning of Nov 2, rains heavily ?? Please share us your “Plan B” please……

Anthony Mallia said:
October 30th, 2008

Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar, Mantin, will be participating with 60 students and staff.

Pin said:
October 30th, 2008

@Irunurun, I don’t think there are any storage box on the Run day. Plan B?… Run in rain, perhaps :)

I run U run said:
October 30th, 2008

Run in the rain eh…not a bad idea…maybe later we will have a “WET T-shirt” competition…. mucho sexaaayyyyyyy !!!! ha! ha! ha!

Terry Fox Run KL 2008 | Pakdi.my said:
October 30th, 2008

[…] T-Shirt Terry Fox Run 2008 (Sumber : Terry Fox Run KL 2008) […]

Pin said:
October 31st, 2008

Fitness First can not make it this year. Pls take note.

ien said:
November 1st, 2008

1 more day to go. yay!

nextstage » Blog Archive » Terry Fox Run Kuala Lumpur 2008 said:
November 2nd, 2008

[…] For more information on the Terry Fox Run, kindly refer to this website. […]

REd said:
November 3rd, 2008

come read all about TFR kl 2008 here!

Pin said:
November 4th, 2008

Thanks Red! Interesting Post. Send us your T-Shirt design next year :)

Haniza said:
November 4th, 2008

Hi people,

Congrats for joining the Terry Fox run recently. You have done one of the most noble thing on earth. Anyway, i just wondering if any of you manage to capture the group photo for shell malaysia team.Maybe can email me as i don’t get the chance to take out my camera since the next group are waiting for their turn.



Peter said:
November 4th, 2008

I just wanted to say hi to all my fellow volunteers and tell you what an amazing job everybody did eventhough we had little time, were stretched for manpower, were so tired and little sleep. Give yourselves a pat on the back and don’t let the odd resentful remark get you down. We get better every year. Those of you out there who would like to be more involved, please keep e mailing and volunteer. We need fresh blood and ideas in the organizing committee to help us literally put in sweat and energy to this thankless mission, just like Terry Fox did…. not for ourselves but because it needed to be done!!

Again….. awesome effort, everybody..

zaharibb said:
November 12th, 2008

I only knew that the run is already over. now have to wait for 2009.

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