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Ad Space Platform to Build 2 Cambodian Schools
January 22nd, 2008 | Posted by Pin


Rural School Project in Cambodia was brought to a whole new height with the acquisition of the domain name Kumomo.com!

On 19th November 2006, the domain Kumomo.com was registered. The Kumomo Project has been developed by the team at 1.com.my to match ad space owners and buyers. At the same time, a portion of the money is donated to a charitable cause. The first charity organization the Kumomo Team engaged was American Assistance for Cambodia (AAC).

In the recent months, an anonymous corporation has expressed keen interest in the domain name Kumomo.com. After a few rounds of discussions, they have decided to take full ownership of the domain name Kumomo.com and would make the necessary compensation to the project.

Most importantly, with the acquisition of the domain name, they have also generously agreed to donate USD26,000 to build 2 schools in Cambodia. This is in addition to the sum that has been collected from all members’ contribution to the Kumomo Tree Project all these while.

“Thank you very much for your very generous arrangement and gesture to turn this sum over to us to build two schools. We are very grateful and so will be hundreds of Cambodia children who will benefit by gaining an education they would otherwise would not be able to pursue,” said Bernard Krisher, Chairman of AAC.

What’s next?

Upon this stage of ownership transfer, the ex-Kumomo team will change to a new name and the effort to develop this ad booking platform will continue. A date of transfer is not confirmed, rather more, it is assured that there are various plans to add a lot of new features in the next release to help monetize the spaces on Kumomo.com.

It is with great awareness that this sudden change would cause various inconveniences to members. Yet the apologizes will hopefully be compensated with the additional funds which will be used in helping to accelerate the process of putting more Cambodian children in schools. The construction of both The Kumomo Tree One and Two School in Kompong Cham province is expected to begin in mid February and should be completed in July 2008.

In the meantime, Kumomo members will be:
1) kept updated on the construction progress of the 2 schools
2) notified once our new platform is released

And with that, on behalf of the Cambodian children and the ex-Kumomo team, wishes to express their highest gratitude to all that’s been part of the success and happenings.

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8 Responses to “Ad Space Platform to Build 2 Cambodian Schools”

Val@BluewaveHosted.com said:
January 22nd, 2008

Great news. Kumomo.com seems to be down….guess is DNS transferring now after purchase?

Friedbeef said:
January 22nd, 2008

That’s excellent – congrats

Kit said:
January 22nd, 2008


ashmann said:
January 26th, 2008

Pin, Well done !

Any chance of promoting the award winning Kuik wall and be involved in the project ?

weikiat said:
February 12th, 2008


adrian oh said:
February 12th, 2008

wow, that’s good news for the skool! keep it up!

thamkengyew said:
August 26th, 2008

hey pin, thanks for the tip. kumomo sounds really interesting. congrats on the sale and getting them to donate. I’ll check in from time to time to see if the new platform is up. or just give me a holler anytime

a4friends.com » » Our Kumomo Cambodia Trip said:
October 20th, 2008

[…] 8 to 13 October marked our grand tour to Cambodia. In these 6 days, we encountered joys and laughter, shocks and burns (sunburns). Besides the famous Angkor Archeology Park, Pub Street, Traditional Markets, Museums and Temple’s visits, we have headed off the beaten tracks to a rural area, 1 hour bumpy drive from the Phnom Penh city, for visiting an under-construction school, namely Kumomo School. […]

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