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Problem Sending Out Email on Using Streamyx Broadband
December 4th, 2007 | Posted by Pin

Many email hosting subscribers in Malaysia are having problems sending out emails from their email clients including Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or Eudora. Well, this is happened after a harsh decision from Telekom Malaysia to block OUTBOUND Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) traffic or port 25 for all out going emails from dynamic IP addresses. Only Outbound SMTP traffic from smtp.streamyx.com and smtp.tm.net.my will be allowed.

This affects only users of Streamyx Broadband and other TM Internet Subscribers. This action was taken to fight SPAM in TM’s network to improve quality of connection.

TM has suggested a new SMTP server (smtp-proxy.tm.net.my) to be used as an alternative to the original SMTP you have configured in your Outlook or Outlook Express. Another set of problem arises from this alternative:

1. What will happen if all the traffic (nationwide) routes to this single ‘open-delay’ smtp server? What is the dedundancy support? Will your emails be in queues???

2. You can’t send out emails if you are out of Streamyx or TM networks when you are using smtp-proxy.tm.net.my

Although this is a common practice by ISPs in the old days, it seems to be less practical especially when most people are moving around using different connections, etc.

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17 Responses to “Problem Sending Out Email on Using Streamyx Broadband”

theakams said:
December 30th, 2007

Why are you guys doing this to us?

I have been “locked out” since Xmas. I receive mails but I can’t reply even urgent mails. I can’t initiate new ones. I can’t even write a complaint to you. In fact, yesterday I uninstalled my Norton Internet Security thinking that was the problem. Alas! I can’t find the installation CD to reinstall. Who will pay for this?

TMNet is not doing its many customers any good by unilateral untested decisions. The least to do is to provide a detailed procedure to paying customers on how to overcome impact of such changes. For me and many others, e-mail is a greater benefit from internet subscription than simple browsing that can be done anywhere.


Earnpin Lee said:
December 31st, 2007

Hi Theakams, try using smtp-proxy.tm.net.my to replace the existing SMTP you have. Funny enough, we find out that not all Streamyx IP are blocked from this. We have clients change nothing but still able to use their external SMTP.

You can, request your existing email service provider to setup alternate SMTP running on different ports. It helps too, as TM blocks only Port 25.

Happy new year!

theakams said:
December 31st, 2007

Thanks Earpin.

Unfortunately, replacing the SMTP server “smtp.streamyx.com” with “smtp-proxy.tm.net.my” has not resolved the problem. I’m away on holiday and can’t call STREAMYX 1800xxx number. What to do?

Brand Malaysia with Peter Pek said:
March 22nd, 2008

Using Streamyx and can’t send emails? Here is the solution….

Due to the recent changes at Streamyx, we deviate a little from our usual discussions on branding to inform our readers of the solution to fix their emailing problems (although we do have more than a few thoughts on the services of Streamyx in terms of…

Earnpin Lee said:
March 22nd, 2008

You can try using Gmail SMTP. It is smtp.gmail.com. It runs on Secure connection on port 465. Remember to turn on SMTP require authentication, and login to SMTP with your Gmail username and password.

Patrick Ding said:
February 9th, 2009

Non resident Malaysian and Entourage user use “smtp-proxy.tm.net.my” and this will work, change your smtp back when you leave Malaysia. Lucky to find this site to solve my problem, thanks guys.

Pin said:
February 10th, 2009

Hi Patrick, if you have noticed email delay problem using smtp-proxy, you can also consider using Gmail’s SMTP (provided you have Gmail account, who do not :)

Good luck.

Jo said:
February 19th, 2009

I’ve changed my microsoft outlook to smtp-proxy.tm.net.my but i still cant send emails, the error i get is Send test e-mail message: Unable to send test message:please verify the email address field.

If i leave it as smtp.tm.net.my, i get this error: unable to log on to smtp server.cos its using port 25

so what port number shud i use?

Pin said:
February 19th, 2009

SMTP server smtp-proxy.tm.net.my is an alternative setup by TM to be used by anyone who is on their network (Streamyx, TMNet, etc). It is simply because all other third party SMTP servers are blocked, to fight Spam (effective?).

It runs on port 25, and make sure you dont have ‘My server requires authentication’ ticked. It will not work if you are on any other networks such as Maxis broadband.

On the order hand, the SMTP server smtp.tm.net.my officially for the users of TM Internet subscription. You need to have an account such as pin@tm.net.my to use it. You can’t use it if your email is pin@1.com.my, even when you are in a TM’s networks.

Jo, try the following:

1. Ask your existing email service provider to have their SMTP server running on port NOT 25.

2. Use smtp-proxy but make sure it is on port 25, and without ‘My server requires authentication’ ticked.

What is your email domain?

Hope this helps

Jo said:
February 19th, 2009

Their spam fighting isnt effective, I get more spam now then i previously got.

I’m using myname@tm.net.my domain

i tried to remain it as port25 with smtp-proxy and unchecked the box. still same error.

i changed to port 587 & port 2525 still same error. Even if i remain as smtp.tm.net.my or smtp-proxy

What other alternatives are there?

Thanks for your prompt reply pin

Pin said:
February 19th, 2009

Aiya, no luck :)

If you have Gmail account, you can use Gmail’s smtp. The SMTP server is smtp.gmail.com. Tick My server require authentication. In the authentication, enter your gmail address as username, and the password. Gmail run on port 465, on SSL connection.

Other than this, you might want to print screen your Outlook configuration page and email to me pin@1.com.my, I can try to see if anything goes wrong there.

Jo said:
February 19th, 2009

ok will do so

thanks for the help! Appreciate it

Pin said:
February 19th, 2009

You’re most welcome, Jo! :)

Simon amos said:
March 24th, 2009

All of my office computers suddenly couldnt send emails. I called TM, not a clue what I was talking about. I went to their office with my laptop, completely unable to help.

I have PC’s as desktops and an Apple laptop using eudora. I have tried all the above with no luck but I am in Singapore at the moment and have tried so many different set-ups that I cant even remember the one I started with.
I get back to Malaysia tomorrow to start to look for a different provider, I cannot believe that TM offer so little to help people, my business is suffering and my staff are ready to kill….

So to clarify;
Port 25 change to ?
Authentication on or off?
smtp server should be?

Our work email is hosted by 1and1.co.uk since we have offices in the UK as wekk as Malaysia, thier webmail is slower than a 1992 internet cafe!

Any help will be appreciated.

Pin said:
March 24th, 2009

Quick one, Simon. You need to use the POP & SMTP setting provided by your current host 1&1. In this case, it should be:

SMTP server: auth.smtp.1and1.co.uk
POP server: pop.1and1.co.uk
Port 25 should be correct in Singapore

In Malaysia, you need to email 1&1, to check with them if they have setup anth.smtp.1and1.co.uk in other port than 25. TM blocks port 25 of third party SMTP server.

Authentication should be on.

My suggestion, since you have both email users in Malaysia, Singapore and UK, the best way is to have email server located physically in US. Most countries has the best route to US, in a way :)

chongpt said:
July 9th, 2009


thanks for your solution on the gmail smtp. i able to send out email now when i use celcom broadband. but the issue is the receive site got the email from my gmail account. any how, still thanks for giving a chances for me to send out email with outlook.

Pin said:
July 9th, 2009

@Chong. Indeed, your Gmail address is shown. This is one small catch we have to bear with :)

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